Volkswagen California treks from North to South America

Intrepid Worcester locals make epic journey in the Red Burrito

Volkswagen California returns from epic road trip.

California Road Trip

On Tuesday April 6 2013 Jill and Manuel waved goodbye to their red California as it made its way across the Atlantic to Vancouver. They were separated for around six weeks before the adventure began in earnest.

Over seven months and covering over 25k miles, they travelled south across America and South America, taking in the sites, sounds and culture along the way, all the while with (most of) the comforts of home.

As Listers Worcester Service and Parts customers, Jill and Manuel wisely stocked up on all the spare parts they might need before embarking on the trip of a lifetime. A comprehensive service including a new timing belt and water pump was a sound investment, and we were always on hand with advice for best maintaining the California on such a trip.

Even on an unrelenting journey such as this, their trusty red Volkswagen California, nicknamed the Red Burrito, didn’t let them down once. The closest it came was when the rear wheel bearings were pre-emptively replaced - when the local American Volkswagen dealership wasn’t able to locate the necessary parts, the Listers Worcester Parts team came to the rescue and our man Martin Roberts whisked the necessary parts across the pond to help out. In fact, just two days later the parts had arrived. “Can’t ask for more” Manuel said of the service Martin offered.

This story is an overview but for the full low down and lots more fantastic pictures view the blog here.

California Road Trip

Facts and Figures

After seven months, Jill and Manuel are pleased to share their statistics at the end of the trip:

  • Total mileage: 25,650

  • Total number of hours on the road: 745

  • Total number of days on the road: 213

  • Average daily mileage: 120

  • Average speed: 34.4 MPH

  • Average fuel economy: Approx 36 MPG

  • Total number of countries visited: 15

California Road Trip Map
  • Total number of border crossings: 24

  • Most northerly point reached: Deadhorse, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska (N 70 12)

  • Most southerly point reached: Lapataia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina (S 54 51)

  • Highest altitude reached by road: 15,276’ (Volcan Cotopaxi, Ecuador)

  • Lowest altitude recorded on the road: - 40’ (El Centro, California)

  • Highest temperature recorded: 46° C, (El Centro, California)

  • Lowest temperature recorded: - 4° C (Atigun Pass, Dalton Highway, Alaska)

  • Longest ‘day’: 116 hours, Alaska

  • Cheapest diesel: 18p per litre (Ecuador)

  • Most expensive diesel: £1 per litre (Chile)

  • Total snake count: 1!

  • Total bear count: 16

  • Total condor count: 12

California Road Trip Before and After

If you’re considering taking your California on an epic road trip, speak to us. If you’ve been inspired to buy your own, check out our New California models here, or browse our used California range here.

Have fun exploring!

California Montage 2

California Montage 3