Introducing the Audi RS6 & RS7 Performance Editions

If the regular 560bhp versions are not quite quick enough for you, the Performance cars now develop 605bhp...

So you might want to sit down while reading this. The standing start acceleration numbers for the new Audi RS6 Avant and RS7 Performance Editions are simply staggering. The two models now offer 605hp, 45 more than the standard version, and up to 700Nm (516lb ft) of torque. The new power upgrades allows both models to improve their 0-62mph times by 0.2 seconds which translates into a supercar-like 3.7 seconds.


The extra power in both cars comes from a revised engine management unit, much like in the recently announced Audi S8 Plus. The twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 is still paired with the brilliant (and slightly revised) eight-speed tiptronic gearbox while the quattro all-wheel drive system sends more power to the rear under normal conditions (40/60 front-rear torque distribution). Those who want the maximum performance out of their new big Audi can choose the optional rear sport differential.

Both cars are also offered with adaptive air-suspension as standard, offering a 20mm drop in ride height. As an option, Audi offers a tauter RS sports suspension setup which features Dynamic Ride Control (DRC) and the dynamic steering which continuously varies the steering ratio.

Other upgraed for the ‘Performance’ models include the exclusive 21-inch aluminum wheels, exterior details finished in matt titanium and Audi are also offering as an exclusive option the Ascari metallic blue paintjob.

Both cars will transport you and your family in hushed, handsome surroundings, accommodate the dog, not get stuck in the snow and look a mean million bucks while devouring whole rows of slow-moving traffic in genuinely unearthly bursts acceleration.