Fit Mercedes-Benz Cold Weather Tyres...

and ensure your safety this Winter.

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To reduce your stopping distance by up to 50% in wet, slippery, icy and snowy conditions, fit Mercedes-Benz Cold Weather Tyres and Wheels.

Featuring technology and a design that’s perfectly matched to your vehicle, our specially developed Cold Weather Tyres and Wheels significantly reduce the hazards of winter driving, offering you the greatest possible safety during the colder months.

Thanks to their system of wide grooves, our Cold Weather Tyres provide additional traction in cold weather conditions. Made from a special natural rubber compound, they resist hardening and maintain driving stability at lower temperatures.

Increased biting edges also mean that our Cold Weather Tyres provide reliable braking and acceleration on wintry surfaces. By having Cold Weather Tyres fitted to your vehicle, your braking distances could be reduced by 10% in the wet, up to 15% on icy roads and as much as 50% on snowy surfaces.

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