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The Audi A6 ultra aims to deliver the full A6 feel with pared back emissions and super-low economy. Andy Enright reports on the revised version.

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Skoda Fabia - Preview: AB FAB

Skoda's third-generation Fabia sharpens up and aims at a younger audience. Andy Enright reports.

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Volkswagen Passat: PASS MASTER

The latest Volkswagen Passat dials up the finesse still further and looks to build on its predecessor's phenomenal success. Andy Enright reports.

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Volkswagen Jetta (2011 to 2014): JET STAR

If you've even read this far, then congratulations. You're one of an exclusive band of car buyers who would countenance buying a Volkswagen Jetta. It's hard to think of a car quite as talented as VW's midrange saloon that has been so roundly ignored. For a car that's ostensibly a Golf with a boot, the Jetta has had a tough time squeaking sales out of British buyers, its hatchback sibling outselling it by nine units to one. Independent thinkers might like to know what to look for when shopping for a used Jetta. Read on here.

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The Lexus NX 300h S is a hybrid SUV with front-wheel drive and a sales proposition that takes a little figuring out. Andy Enright reports.

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