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Toyota Yaris Hybrid (2012 to 2014): CURRENT ACCOUNT

If ever you wanted to find a case study of a vehicle that didn't make a lot of sense when new but came into its own as a used buy, look no further than the Toyota Yaris Hybrid. When it was new, it was undercut on price by both petrol and diesel Yaris versions and it didn't take the processing power of Stephen Hawking to figure out that you needed to drive the thing absolutely huge mileages to get a return on your investment. That's not really going to happen with a car that does its best work in cities. So why not buy used, letting some other poor sap take the big financial hit? Here's what to look for when tracking down a used Yaris Hybrid.

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The C63 gets a new badge and an entirely different engine. Andy Enright presides over some monumental changes to an old favourite.

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Mercedes and AMG bring us the sports car we knew they were capable of. Andy Enright reports.

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Jaguar's XE has been tasked with selling in bigger numbers than any Jaguar before it. Andy Enright assesses its chances in a compact executive sector packed with talent.

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BMW X6 - Preview: SIX-PACKED

BMW's controversial coupe-shaped SUV returns in second generation guise. Andy Enright reports.

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