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BMW M6 Convertible: BROAD PEAK

BMW's M6 Convertible could well be the ultimate 'one size fits all' automotive ballistic missile. Andy Enright reports.

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Mercedes-Benz S-Class 65 AMG Coupe - Preview: POWER GAMES

Mercedes wields the big gun in the shape S65 AMG Coupe. Andy Enright lets you know what to expect.

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The I-TECH special edition packs a lot of value into the familiar SEAT Ibiza body. Andy Enright reports.

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BMW X5 (2007 - 2010): BMW X5 (2007-2010)

The BMW X5 is often said to have revolutionised the luxury 4x4 market with its prowess on the road but this isn't that X5. The model we look at here is the second generation one and by the time it appeared in 2007, it was evolution that was called for. The BMW bigwigs wanted to put the X5 back on top, ahead of a glut of rival models which had followed its revolutionary lead. The differences might not be immediately obvious but a squint at the detail shows a car that's bigger, plusher and more sophisticated than its subversive forefather.

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BMW Z4 (2009 - 2013): OPEN AND SHUT CASE

BMW's original Z4 had a lot going for it. The styling still looks good today whether you chose the soft top or the coupe, it was well built, drove well and wasn't priced exorbitantly. Perhaps BMW rested on their laurels a little too long with that car though, because before the Bavarian company knew it, Mercedes, Audi and Porsche were all forging ahead with designs that suddenly put the Z4 quite a long way down many buyers' shortlists. The solution was an all-new car that was launched without great fanfare but which was nevertheless a huge step forward. It's hard to believe that car appeared back in 2009, but it did and now used examples are available at reasonable prices. Here's what to look out for.

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