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Audi TT Roadster - Preview: OPEN SEASON

The Audi TT Roadster returns in third generation guise, aiming to build on the best bits of the first two models. Andy Enright reports

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Toyota Yaris Hybrid (2012 to 2014): CURRENT ACCOUNT

If ever you wanted to find a case study of a vehicle that didn't make a lot of sense when new but came into its own as a used buy, look no further than the Toyota Yaris Hybrid. When it was new, it was undercut on price by both petrol and diesel Yaris versions and it didn't take the processing power of Stephen Hawking to figure out that you needed to drive the thing absolutely huge mileages to get a return on your investment. That's not really going to happen with a car that does its best work in cities. So why not buy used, letting some other poor sap take the big financial hit? Here's what to look for when tracking down a used Yaris Hybrid.

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Skoda Fabia - Preview: AB FAB

Skoda's third-generation Fabia sharpens up and aims at a younger audience. Andy Enright reports.

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The Lexus NX 300h S is a hybrid SUV with front-wheel drive and a sales proposition that takes a little figuring out. Andy Enright reports.

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Toyota's improved Prius+ brings petrol/electric hybrid technology to the seven-seat MPV sector. Andy Enright reports.

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