Audi Universal Traffic Recorder.

Keep an extra pair of eyes on the road.

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The Audi Universal Traffic Recorder - there for your added peace of mind

Whether you are driving in the streets or parking your car, high-quality lenses record video in 1080p clarity and cover a 150 degree angle, giving an almost complete view of a vehicle’s surroundings when installed at the front and rear of the car. The camera also features global positioning system (GPS) tracking, radar and Wi-Fi functions. Other features include:

Live viewing

Images from both front and rear cameras can be streamed live to your smartphone

Removable SD card

Recordings are saved direct to an SD card which you can remove to play on other devices, or you can play back footage recorded on the SD card via your smartphone

Car Finder

When the engine is turned off, location based information can be captured via GPS and sent to you along with the date, time and latest pictures from both front and rear recorders.

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Kit Q7 and A8 Q3 and Q5 A4, A5, A6 and A7
Front kit only£410£450£495
Front and rear kit£550£590£635

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