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Improved throttle response and gearshift speed

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Polestar, Volvo Cars’ performance partner was born and raised on the world’s racing circuits, Polestar devote every single day to develop, race and evaluate in order to find more control, speed and efficiency.

At the core of Polestar’s engineering, their philosophy is to deliver an optimally safe, balanced and predictable driving experience. So whether it’s a Polestar Engineered car, Polestar Engineered Optimisation or Polestar Engineered Parts – it’s all about an engaging, fun, and confident drive, without compromises.

Want to experience the benefits of Polestar performance?

We’re offering a 14 day free trial on the below applicable vehicles, so you can experience all the additional performance benefits that Polestar have to offer.

The 14 day free trial is available on any of the below Volvo cars.

If you own any of the vehicles below contact us to arrange a Polestar software upgrade.

Vehicle Removal Software Part No
S80 (MY07-); V70 / XC70 (MY08 -)31312095
V70 / XC70 (MY00-); S60 (MY01-); XC9031312100
XC60; S60 (MY11-); V6031312706
S40, V50, C30, C7031312749

Benefits of Polestar performance

Improved Performance Optimisation from our new Polestar brings you a whole new driving experience. The mid range of the engine revs is distinct when over-taking and accelerating onto a busy road. Because of increased control, the Polestar reacts faster and more accurately to your request creating safety as a outcome.

Experience the following

  • Improved Throttle response
  • Increased Gearshift speed
  • Precise driving experience with Gearshift Precision and Gear Hold
  • Faster Gearbox and engine response
  • More performance in the mid-range of the engine.
  • Enhanced driving experience when you need it most
  • Unaffected certified fuel consumption and emissions
  • Volvo warranty intact

Enhance your Volvo Car today

If you’re happy with the 14 day trial polestar optimisation performance, we are currently offering a £200 discount, which is now just £635.

You wont see it advertised anywhere else cheaper, so act quickly and contact us now.

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