Prepare your MINI for the Winter months

With MINI Kit Winter accessories.

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Winter driving can be a challenge with fewer daylight hours and unpredictable weather, but driving your MINI is still a pleasure with our range of specially designed winter products.

Dark skies are no problem with MINI LED Additional Headlights, but that’s not all. From protecting your MINI against the elements with MINI Car Care products to looking after your car’s interior with MINI All-weather Floor Mats; we’ve made sure you’ll be prepared for anything winter can throw at you.

Browse our range of fantastic MINI Kit Winter accessories below, then call your local MINI Centre or click here to request a quote.

MINI Winter Car Care Kit

MINI Winter Car Care Kit.

When temperatures fall, the MINI Winter Edition car care products have everything you need to keep your MINI in tip-top condition.

From windscreen cleaner with anti-freeze which prevents wipers and nozzles from freezing up, to window de-icer which thaws frozen windows in seconds and prevents re-icing; you can start every winter morning clean and clear.

Offer price £25.

MINI All-weather floor mats

MINI All-weather Floor Mats.

The all-weather floor mats in the functional MINI design with high edge protect the footwell from dirt and wear. They match the design of the car perfectly. Particular care was taken during their manufacture to ensure that the materials used are recyclable. The all-weather floor mats boast the MINI logo.

Offer price £50 (front), £34 (rear).

MINI Daytime Running Lights

MINI Daytime Running Lights.

These bright white, circular lights mean you really will see the benefits. MINI LED Daytime Running Lights are not only daytime driving lights, but are also side lights and fog lights rolled into one, meaning your MINI will stand out 24/7.

Your local MINI Centre will replace existing fog lights with hassle free installation plus quick and easy set up, your MINI will be lighting the way in no time.

Available for most MINI Hatch models, contact your local MINI Centre for more information.

Offer price £200, fitting costs may apply.

MINI Additional Headlights

Additional Headlights - Black/Chrome.

Available in chrome or black, the additional headlights cast twice as much light onto the road, whilst the embossed MINI logo on the front allow the headlights to be recognised immediately as geniune MINI KIT.

Prices from £125, fitting costs may apply.

LED Additional Headlights

LED Additional Headlights - Black/Chrome.

Switched on or off; the completely revamped LED additional headlights light the way with their design. They combine the classic MINI additional headlights familiar from rally sports with modern LED lighting technology, delivering impressive performance with their innovative ability.

Offer price £290. Fitting costs may apply.

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