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Ensure your safety this Winter

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With twice as many accidents happening in the winter than the summer, it’s a fact that driving conditions can become much more treacherous when the days get shorter and the weather gets colder.

Many drivers don’t appreciate that the performance of their tyres is affected when temperatures drop below 7°C which, let’s face it, is on most days in a typical British winter. The best way to ensure a safe journey from autumn through to spring is by using tyres that have been specially developed to cope with the lower temperatures and inclement weather.

A set of winter wheels and tyres with their special rubber compound and grooves is available from £567 RRP per set, and means you’ll have no problem stopping - or going - during the colder months.

Braking distance.

Winter tyres are created to cope with slippery winter conditions and require a far shorter braking distance. In snow or icy road conditions, braking distances can be shortened by up to 50%.

Wear and tear.

Winter tyres are far more durable in cold temperatures. The tread won’t wear down as quickly as summer tyres.


Winter tyres have special treads called ‘sipes’, which means they grip the roads better in wet and snowy conditions, as well as allowing them to get rid of excess water.

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