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David Atkins Wednesday 17th February 2016

I have been the happy owner of 2 Civics, which includes my current one. Both were purchased from a different Honda dealership and both times the level of customer service and the deals I got were excellent.

As you may know, I am looking to change my current Civic. This is why I have got in touch with Listers, going further afield to gain the customer service that I had become accustomed too.

I hope you don’t mind me giving you some background on this.

In March 2015, I was contacted by a sales rep at another Honda dealership, offering me a ’ deal ’ on a newer car. He asked what I wanted ( a 1.4 ), he asked how much I wanted to pay each month ( £214 or less ). It turned out that he wasted my time by trying his hardest to try and sell me a 1.8 at £170 more a month than what I was comfortable with. I complained to the branch, but was told that the sales manager was unavailable. I never heard anything in the way of an apology until I enquired about the new 16 plate or low mileage 15/65 plates.

This has proved another challenge in itself, which I could only share by showing emails from one of their staff, which I have received recently. The use of capital letters trying to spell out a point to a (once) loyal customer of theirs, gives me the impression of incredibly poor service - and also not bothering to sort an accurate quote with the excuse that the ‘finance site’ has crashed, does not make me want to buy from the team.

Now, because of the above, I contacted Listers. I was greeted on the phone in a friendly, happy and personable way by a girl who’s name escapes me (sorry!). The call was yesterday at 17.44 if that helps :-).

She put me through to Dan, who was also really professional and helpful. He took my details and some info and seemed confident that what I am looking for could become a possibility. I have an appointment with him this Saturday, the 20th, at 3pm. So, so far, so good.

I apologise for the lengthy response, but my faith in my local dealership has plummeted and I hope to leave as a happy customer on Saturday.

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