Safely Visiting our Dealerships

Social distancing measures we've introduced to reduce the risk of infection for our customers and staff

To make sure we're doing everything possible to reduce the risk of infection, keep our staff and customers safe and make our business COVID-secure, we've introduced a series of social distancing measures in our dealerships, bodyshops and service centres.

  • We're having all our sites professionally cleaned on a daily basis, to ensure that the hygiene of our sites is in the best it can be.
  • We're providing hand sanitiser and facilities to clean your keys, if you're handing them over, at the entrances to all of our dealerships, service centres and bodyshops.
  • We've installed floor and boundary markings and barriers inside our buildings to ensure that you stay 2 metres apart from others at all times. (If it helps, that's about the width of a car.)
  • We've removed display vehicles from some of our showrooms. In other showrooms, where there are still vehicles on display, the doors will be locked.
  • We're asking you to respect the signs and rules displayed at all of our locations. Certain areas of our business will be restricted to one person at a time, or entirely out of bounds to customers. These areas will be clearly marked.
  • Our staff will keep their distance at all times, so while we'll still be friendly and polite when greeting you, please don't think we're being rude when we don't offer to shake your hand.
  • When it comes to taking payment, we're asking customers to pay using contactless or using our secure online payment facility, where possible.
  • Our technicians will be safely covering seats and steering wheels before moving cars in for service work.
  • Before returning serviced vehicles, we're sanitising the areas most likely to be touched.
  • Before delivering sold vehicles, we're thoroughly sanitising them before offering a contactless handover.