Audi Plants 36,000 Oak Trees to Create CO2 Reservoir

Audi Plants 36,000 Oak Trees to Create CO2 Reservoir

Audi has taken a literal approach to nurturing the proverbial ‘green shoots of recovery’ in 2010 by funding the planting of 36,000 oak trees. Forming the basis of the ‘Oak Forest CO2 Reservoir’ project, the budding mighty oaks cover six hectares in Kosching, near the Audi manufacturing facility in Ingolstadt, Germany, and are the first of a planned series of forestation schemes funded by Audi.

Almost completely destroyed in 2007 by bark beetles, drought and severe storms, the Kösching Forest has been replanted with 36,000 young Pedunculate Oaks with funding from Audi in conjunction with the Bavarian State Forestry and the Chair of Forest Yield Science at the Technical University of Munich. The revitalised forest provides a diverse biosphere for a wide variety of animal and plant species, and equally importantly can also store large amounts of carbon.

The newly sown forest demonstrates Audi commitment to sustainability and environmental protection, and one example of the numerous measures Audi are systematically implementing to conserve resources in both the cars themselves and in their production.

Offering 33 models worldwide with average CO2 values below 140 grams per km, Audi is in a leading position among the premium manufacturers. The A3 1.6 TDI is already the ‘cleanest’ in the premium sector cracking the 100 g/km mark with CO2 emissions of just 99 g/km, corresponding to fuel consumption of 74.3mpg. Audi also focuses on lower emissions in the TDI clean diesel, the ultra low emission system drastically reduces nitrogen oxides in the exhaust, making it the world’s cleanest diesel.

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Find out more about the Audi Oak Forrest at the official press release