Introducing the Honda Civic Type R Mugen

Introducing the Honda Civic Type R Mugen

The Civic Type R MUGEN turned heads at the concept stage and now just 20 exclusive, Championship White cars are being hand built to exact customer specifications in the UK.

Few people have ever had the chance to sit behind the wheel of such a pure-bred performance car. And fewer still have had the chance to own one. Now that chance can be yours, for £38,599 on the road.

On top of the standard features of the Swindon-built Type R (which of course, include Honda’s 201PS, screaming i-VTEC engine) the MUGEN 200 will boast the following:

• Exclusive MUGEN front and rear bumpers with skirts • 19-inch alloy wheels in ‘Lightning’ design • MUGEN rear badge • MUGEN Limited Edition number plaque • Limited Slip Differential • Championship White exterior paint • Gloss black door mirrors

For exclusive video, specs and pictures visit the Type R MUGEN site.


The extraordinary masterpiece that is the Civic Type R MUGEN is as rare as they come. Rare is simply not the word.

With only 20 UK cars being exclusively hand built, these head turning beauties will not hang around. So if you’re seriously interested, cancel your appointments, reschedule your lunch break and head down to Avonvale today to register your interest.

Alternatively, please call your local dealerships and ask to speak to the man in charge!