Volkswagen Passat wins 'used family car of the decade' prize

Volkswagen Passat wins ‘used family car of the decade’ prize

 Motorists on the lookout for a high-quality used family car may want to consider the Volkswagen Passat after it was named a top car of the decade. The Volkswagen Passat 1996-2005 was named the best large used family car of the noughties by independent pricing firm CAP. 
Although the organisation conceded that the Passat is “never the most stylistically exciting large car”, it stated that nevertheless it is “a byword for quality”.
 From the used car buyer’s point of view, CAP continued, the 1996-2005 model in particular represented a great investment, as it made a huge leap forward in important areas.

“Volkswagen’s attention to detail meant that this Passat offered the sense of a prestige vehicle but at a mainstream purchase price,” CAP explained.

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