Listers Audi Coventry and their generous donation

Coventry Audi has made the ultimate generous donation by supporting their local Children’s Hospital.

Every year, over 225,000 sick children from across the UK are treated at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Many face incredibly difficult circumstances. Their stories of courage, determination and hope are truly amazing.

Red Balloon Trading CIC helps to raise the extra money needed to create modern and child-friendly environments; purchase state of the art medical equipment and fund research into the prevention and treatment of childhood illnesses.

Coventry Audi has teamed up with Red Balloon Trading to donate a ‘WOW’ gift. Coventry has donated their Audi Auto Union Type C Model Car worth £10,000 and hope that through a generous soul will bid to purchase the limited edition pedal car.

By purchasing any item from the website you will support Birmingham Children’s Hospital and help make a real difference to the lives of thousands of children and families, when they need it most.

Birmingham Children’s Hospital – making small miracles happen every day