Protect your identity, number plate thefts are on the increase!

At Avonvale Honda, we can fit anti-theft screws for free

Calling all Avonvale Honda Customers…


Avonvale Honda are working in conjunction with West Midlands Police regarding vehicle number plate theft, which has become a national problem, where criminals use stolen plates to avoid speed cameras and steal petrol.

In the last six months, there have been over 2,000 number plate thefts across the West Midlands.

Victims are left with the inconvenience and hassle of proving their innocence as well as the cost of replacing their plates.

We want to help all our customers avoid this for FREE.

So we have sourced non reversible screws which have been developed to help combat this crime. The number plate screws cannot be unscrewed once fitted. Any attempt to steal the plate would require force, causing the plate to break. Therefore if the thief steals the plates, they are damaged in such a way that makes them useless for criminal activities.

We want to protect our customers. With this in mind, we would like to exchange your screws for FREE and offer you a FREE visual safety check and report, to confirm all the safety features on your Honda are working as they should.

Together we can help combat Number Plate Crime in the West Midlands.

To book your vehicle in please contact your local Avonvale Honda Centre below, or alternatively just e-mail us stating your preferred Centre and we will call you back to arrange a convenient time to suit you!