The Noise Abatement Society’s Quiet Mark has been awarded to the CT 200h as recognition of effectiveness in quiet product design.


Kylie Minogue fronts the CT 200h campaign - The Quiet Revolution – which demonstrates the near-silent running of the full hybrid luxury compact car when moving around town on zero-emissions electric power. Gloria Elliot, Chief Executive of the UK Noise Abatement Society said of the campaign: “It aligns with the aim and ethos of the Quiet Mark to encourage the manufacture and marketing of quiet products to improve the aural environment for the benefit of all.”

Paul Marshall, Lexus General Manager, Strategy and Marketing, expressed Lexus’ pride in receiving the award: “We are delighted to have received the Quiet Mark award, a fitting acknowledgement of a campaign that emphasised how quiet performance is an important and desirable element in the quality of the CT 200h. As a pop icon of our times, Kylie Minogue was the perfect ambassador to broadcast the message of our Quiet Revolution.”

Quiet Mark is a charity led initiative working together with industry to achieve a healthier stress-free living and working environment. Lexus has become a headline sponsor of the Quiet Mark due to the common ethos and Lexus’ desire to champion the innovative use of technology and respect for the environment.