Honda Tops Annual Car Reliability Survey

for the Seventh Consecutive Year

Honda is Celebrating

Honda has been named the most reliable used car brand in the annual What Car? and Warranty Direct reliability survey for an unprecedented seventh year in a row. According to the report which Honda has topped since 2005, Honda cars are the least likely to leave passengers stranded by the roadside with just a one in 10 chance of models suffering a breakdown in any given 12-month period – an enviable record.

Chas Hallett, What Car? Editor in chief commented “Honda definitely deserve a special mention, seven years at the top of the annual What Car? / Warranty Direct research is a great achievement. When a car leaves the car makers warranty protection it can start to cost the consumer cash and inconvenience, this research highlights that this does not happen often with a Honda”.

Warranty Direct’s managing director, Duncan McClure Fisher, added: “Honda has continued its spectacular record in the annual reliability study. It has proven its ability over many years to manufacture cars that continue to be extremely reliable beyond the usual three year warranty period. If you are in the market for a used vehicle, our study suggests you should seriously consider a Honda.”

Dave Hodgetts, Managing Director, Honda (UK), concluded; “The reliability of our cars is a key focus for Honda as we strive to make every second of Honda ownership an enjoyable experience. This doesn’t just start at the manufacturing stage, but is intrinsic throughout the research and development and during the parts procurement process, this focus ensures that we build reliable and high quality cars.”

“Success in reliability studies like this, further proves the dedication, skill and passion of our engineers, both at the development and manufacturing stages, and we are incredibly proud to be the most reliable manufacturer in the industry – for an outstanding seven years running.”

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