Listers Jaguar F-Type Launch Evening

Exciting car. Exciting event.

The F-Type is an exciting and revolutionary car for Jaguar, requiring an event of equal excitement to portray just how special it is to our guests.

On arrival to one of Listers’ newest showrooms, our special guests were greeted by a red carpet and given VIP treatment as photographers snapped pictures of them in front of the T-Type banner while their cars were valet parked.

Once inside the showroom, guests were left in suspense as two brand new Jaguar F-Types, sat beneath shrouds of satin, waited patiently to be unveiled as part of the evening’s proceedings. After some brief mingling and chatting, Jon Hands, Listers Jaguar Worcester’s General Sales Manager, gave a short welcoming speech before introducing the Jaguar short film ‘Desire’ starring Damian Lewis and directed by Ridley Scott Associates.

Then, following the film premiere, it was time for the main event, and the satin cloths were whipped away to reveal the spectacular and gorgeous new F-Type. Guests were invited to explore and engage with the amazing sports car and get a feel for the F-Type, with a special surprise visit of the SV8 version, which treated everyone who attended to its exhaust note.

You can view the Jaguar F-Type Launch Event Gallery to see all the photos from the event, but if you’d like to really experience the F-Type for yourself, contact us using the details below, or drop in to see us at Jaguar Worcester. We’d be delighted to show you the amazing F-Type in person.