“The next-generation Toyota Prius will usher in a substantially improved Toyota and Lexus family of hybrid powertrains, as well as a vastly improved chassis and interior refinement,” reports Autocar. “Toyota’s main target with the next version of the Prius is to improve on the combined average 50mpg achieved by the current, third-generation model.”

It will do this by using batteries with a “higher energy density” than those in the current Prius, partnered with an electric motor “that is smaller in size and features an improved power density”. The new Prius, expected to reach the market in “two to three years”, will also boast new mechanical underpinnings according to Managing Officer Satoshi Ogiso. “The next Prius will ride on a vastly improved chassis,” he said. “This, along with many other improvements, will allow for beneficial gains in ride and handling agility and aerodynamics.”

Ogiso also promises a “roomier” interior, which will come with “significant refinements in design, layout and ease of operation”. (Link: Autocar, 28 August)