Toyota’s hydrogen ambitions on track

Toyota remains on course to deliver a hydrogen-powered production vehicle by 2015, reports Autocar. “The new car, which is likely to be an Avensis-sized saloon, will be previewed by a concept that is due to be unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in November.” The concept is expected to “follow the themes laid down by the FCV-R fuel cell concept” exhibited at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show.


“Toyota is developing its Fuel Cell Hydrogen Vehicle to use a modified version of the Hybrid Synergy Drive system found in its full hybrid models such as the Prius. The petrol engine is replaced with a fuel cell, and the conventional tank makes way for high- pressure hydrogen tanks. “The FCV uses the same electrical components as a full hybrid powertrain, as well as a 21kW battery to store energy recovered by its regenerative braking system.”

Toyota’s current fuel cell technology is “about half the size and weight” of the tech installed in its FCHV-adv prototype in 2008. The new unit “also has a greater operating range”. Toyota’s progress on the technology will be showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show, taking place in September. (Link: Autocar, 30 August)