Unsure what exactly Car Leasing is?

Car Leasing is becoming more and more popular for businesses as an alternative to purchasing their company cars, but how exactly does leasing work, and what are the benefits to your business?

Leasing is essentially a fixed long term rental agreement offering you, the leaser exclusive use of your lease car for a set monthly price.

Once you have found the company car you desire, at the start of the contract you pay an initial rental, which is usually equivalent to 3, 6, or 9 monthly payments.

This is then followed by regular monthly payments for the duration of the rental agreement, which can range from 2, 3 or 4 years.

Throughout your leasing period we will keep in contact with yourself to ensure everything is running smoothly, and when you reach the end of your lease term you simply hand the car back, and choose another.

The Benefits of Car Leasing

  • Fixed, lower monthly payments
  • Lower initial deposit
  • Inclusive road tax and breakdown recovery
  • Variable contract duration and mileage terms
  • Optional maintenance package to spread the cost of servicing
  • It’s off the balance sheet funding
  • It’s a VAT efficient manner of operating company cars
  • Removes uncertainty revolving fluctuating residual values
  • It offers hassle free motoring

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