Audi A3 Augmented Reality Owner’s Manual

Audi A3 Augmented Reality Owner’s Manual
Welcome to Audi A3’s interactive augmented reality Manual, simply named eKurzinfo.

Nominated for the 2013 GSMA Global Mobile Awards for best mobile solution for the automotive industry, the eKurzinfo App has the ability to recognize as much as 300 individual elements on the Audi A3.

This handy App allows the car owners to identify everything from the insignia on the windshield through to individual components under the hood, giving the owner how to instructions or even a virtual overlay of instructions to follow.

Through using the latest augmented reality tracking technology, the eKurzinfo app brings the most intuitive user experience around. Through positioning the camera directly any particular vehicle element, the app instantly detects the element and returns the necessary data.

A good example would be if you placed the camera over the engine, the App would overlay an image showing how to locate the engine coolant and how to top it up.

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