Volkswagen XL1 gets Augmented Reality Service App

Volkswagen XL1 Augmented Reality Service App
The Volkswagen XL1, set to be one of the most fuel efficient cars, is now set to have one of the most advanced repair manuals.

Metaio, the people behind the Audi A3 owner’s manual, lead the production of the augmented reality app. Named MARTA (Mobile Augmented Reality Technical Assistance), the App makes use of the iPads camera to view the internals of the vehicle and label the various parts and elements so that VW Mechanic will know what they’re working on, with a virtual silhouette overlaid on the real car.

The mechanic will be provided with a list of steps and actions to take to repair and/or replace any issues on the XL1. They will be provided with information on the tools and tolerances along with the ability to double check real and virtual parts in three-dimensional relation to each other. The mechanic is even advised as to which way to face. But just in case none of this proves useful to the mechanic, the App also provides them with a digital copy of the service manual as well.

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