Racing Car for the Road

Civic Type R Concept: 2014 Geneva Motor Show

If you’re one of the lucky few that went to the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, then you may of caught a glimpse of the Honda Civic Type R concept model.

The Honda Civic Type R is renowned for its bold and aggressive styling, and this concept model manages to reflect the strong performance credentials the Type R is known for and will form the styling basis for the 2015 production version.

Racing Car for the Road

Set to be the most extreme Civic yet, the new Type R is designed to to signal a new era for the Type R, being built as a racing car for the road instead of a high performance version of a road car.

“Type R represents Honda’s racing spirit. It is built with a passion for motorsport.” Masaru Hasegawa – Chief Stylist, Civic Type R

Honda Civic Type R Concept

Designed to Perform

The styling of the Type R has a big influence on its performance. When it came to designing the Type R Concept, many of the features offer real function, than pure aesthetic appeal, as seen by the performance output at the famous Nurgburgring Nordschleife in Germany.

The design team wanted to keep true to the design legacy of the Type R whilst making the design increase performance and the key aim from the design team was to:

  • Reduce drag
  • Add down-force
  • Provide cooling, and
  • Achieve optimum airflow

To add down-force, the front spoiler has been redesigned, with the vertical side wings and the cut out shape of the front bumper reducing drag and controlling airflow around the front tyres.

Also, the upper and lower front grilles have been purposely enlarged and air outlets on the bonnet provide cooling for the high output engine. You’ll also notice that the fenders have been widened to now accommodate wider tyres. Furthermore, the shape and angle of the rear wing has been designed to provide additional down-force, as a direct result of feedback gained through testing on the track.

Honda Civic Type R Concept Rear Spoler

Designed to appeal

The concept models design was not only focussed on performance, but also appeal, and this can be seen throughout the Type R concept model starting with the new headlight design featuring integrated LED daytime running lights. Looking closer, you’ll also see the sharp horizontal contour of the fog lights, which add a strong character to the face of the Type R Concept.

To give a much racier appeal and more road presence, a red stripe running along the front spoiler has been added that further accentuates the Type R’s low and wide stance.

One of the most stand-out advances on the Concept model is the new rear spoiler which features LED tail lights that are integrated into the rear wing, accentuating the Type R’s futuristic look.

Supporting the futurist design of the concept model are the 20-inch wheels, edged by a red ring, with visible red brake callipers and a bright red stripe running along the bottom of the front spoiler.

The Civic Type R Concept model will appear on the Honda stand at Geneva Motor Show, in a vivid red with a gold highlight, a colour developed especially for this car, aiming to express its performance credentials and unique character.

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