Toyota give the green light for the FT-1

People inside Toyota have not only confirmed that the “FT-1 concept is being developed as a successor to the Supra,” according to Auto Express, “but that there will be a new entry-level sports car sitting under the GT86, too.

The cars:

There will be two versions of the FT1 available to buy– one powered by a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo, which is set to debut in the Lexus NX crossover, and a flagship which uses a 2.5 V6 turbo and electric motor to deliver more than 400bhp. Both will be rear-wheel drive and are due in 2016, with prices for the 2.0 from around £40,000.

Furthermore, the entry-level sports car is expected to feature a 1.5-litre hybrid engine when it goes on sale in 2017. Toyota is targeting a price of £17,000. (Source: Auto Express, 19 February)