Chief engineer reveals inspiration behind Lexus RC F

The letter F, representing the word flagship and referring to Fuji Speedway, chief test site of Lexus, the sub-brand has become synonymous with speed, precision, innovation and technological progression.

Yukihiko Yaguchi initiated the Lexus F project. The prototype ‘IS F’ model he built attracted significant attention, first from other Lexus engineers who would soon join forces with Yaguchi on the project, and then from top Lexus executives, who recognised the engineer’s personal work as the beginnings of an official foray into the high-performance vehicle market.

Yaguchi and his team have unveiled the RC F, the second model in the Lexus F rang, nearly a decade after that first prototype was built,

The RC F was revealed at the Detroit Motor Show earlier this year and is an ultra-high-performance coupe that produces over 450 horsepower.