Customer picks up 23rd Toyota in 10 years

Toyota owner Bill Yeomans has bought 23 Toyotas from the same dealer – Listers Toyota Boston since 2004.

Bill Yeomans and his partner Yvonne recently took delivery of their 23rd Toyota from the same dealership, Listers Toyota in Boston.

Mr Yeomans bought his first Toyota - a Yaris - from sales executive Matthew Monks back in May 2004. Matthew is now the Sales Manager at Listers Toyota Boston and has sold every one of the 22 Toyotas to Bill and Yvonne; Bill says, “if you can trust the person that sells to you then it makes a hell of a difference”.

Bill’s latest car is an Auris Hybrid and it’s their favourite model so far. On the day of the purchase Bill visited the dealership and said to Matthew “I want one of those, he didn’t even have to sell it to me. Matthew said ‘Pardon’ and I said, I want one of those”. “I fell in love with that car to be quite truthful”, says Bill, Yvonne adds “I don’t know what it was, but it controls everything and it just fascinated me and I just took a liking to it”.

When asked why the couple have remained such devoted ambassadors for Toyota, Bill gave two succinct reasons: the service he receives from Listers Toyota Boston, and the fact that he has only experienced one issue in all that time - a flat tyre! Yvonne added, “I’ve often said if I won a million pounds I wouldn’t go out and buy another brand. I shall still stick with the car that we’ve got - the Auris.”


Picture 1: Bill Yeomans with his first and most recent car. Picture 2: Bill Yeomans with Matthew Monks Listers Toyota Boston Sales manager.

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