10 ways to increase your hybrid's fuel economy

1. Watch the car’s energy monitor This will make you aware of when you are using petrol, and when you are able to run on electric or charge the battery of the car.

2. Be gentle on the throttle To help keep the car in EV mode, us a light but consistent press. On the motorway, stick to 70mph to prevent unnecessary use of fuel.

3. Create an acceleration and braking rhythm When urban driving, accelerate to your required speed and then ease off the throttle, before gently easing onto the throttle again. This pattern will help you to utilise your car’s battery.

4. Know your hybrid’s driving modes There are three drive modes for Toyota hybrids– EV, ECO and Power. Use the EV Mode when driving around town, as it encourages the car to be powered solely by the battery at low speeds. When motorway cruising, use the ECO Mode, as it reduces air conditioning output and dampens harsh acceleration. When trying to make swift progress, for example: pulling out of a busy junction, use the Power Mode, as it uses the battery to help boost acceleration along with the use of the engine.

5. Make sure you brake in reasonable time To help EV mode to operate for longer periods of time, use gentle, early braking, as it boosts the regenerative abilities of the car’s brakes.

6. Have a think about your gears When in stop-start traffic, do not select ‘N’ neutral when stationary, as electricity will not be generated and the hybrid battery will discharge. Use ‘B’ when approaching roundabouts or descending from steep inclines to increase engine braking and ‘D’ for flat roads and ascents.

7. Make use of cruise control To maintain a constant speed, keep the revs constant on the motorway by enabling your hybrid’s Cruise Control.

8. Consider your use of ancillaries Using climate control, lights and wipers will increase fuel consumption. Address this by selecting the re-circulate mode for climate control, and using the lights and wipers when conditions require.

9. Read the road ahead If you are aware of what’s in front of you, unnecessary braking and accelerating will be avoided and less fuel will be used.

10. Coast When driving downhill, remove your foot from the accelorater and allow the electric motor to kick-in. Cover the brake to avoid speeding or losing control of your vehicle.