The GT86 is more than a little bit special

The GT86 was “lauded as the definitive cheap sports car” when it was launched in 2012, and even 18 months later “it still is”, says Speedmonkey’s Matt Hubbard.

It’s light, is a classic coupé shape with a naturally aspirated engine and slick six-speed gearbox, and goes round corners with a deft touch.

With a 0-60mph time of 7.6 seconds, it’s also quick. The interior is functional and good looking with some nice touches and is pretty comfortable even on a long journey.

But the question Hubbard wants to answer is what makes it so “special”. First of all is the “free-revving” engine, and where it is located. “It’s way down in the depths of the bay. giving the GT86 the lowest centre of gravity of any production road car, meaning that it has a head start in the handling stakes over almost anything else.”

The driver’s seat is “comfortable” due to “great design”, making you feel “snug” inside the cabin.

Hubbard says driving the GT86 is an “absolute hoot”. “The great driving position, low centre of gravity, revvy engine, rear-wheel drive and lovely gearbox make for one of the best cars to drive, to take by the scruff of its neck and just go for it. It is a very flattering car to drive.”

To conclude, Hubbard says that “The GT86 is more than the sum of its parts. It has an added element of je ne sais quoi and that is enough to make it feel more than a little bit special. It is a fantastic car.”