Toyota reveals new FT-1 concept at Pebble Beach

The Toyota FT-1 has been revealed for a second time. The first FT-1 concept was revealed at the Detroit Auto Show last January and was very striking in red. However, the second version revealed of the concept FT-1 at Pebble beach was cast in a completely different light.

Replacing the bright red paint job and going for the more subtle graphite, as well as replacing the two tone interior for a much more up-scale tan leather interior finish with exposed metal elements.

Toyota FT-1

There’s no mention as of yet of production, but Toyota has revealed that both versions of the Toyota FT-1 concept will be playable on Gran Turismo 6. It was also revealed that a virtual racing version was prepared based on the original concept for Japan’s Super GT series the FT-1 Vision GT is retuned for racing, with wider fenders, more extreme aero dynamics, as well as competition-specification alloys on slicks.