Which? praises Toyota and Lexus reliability

In the 2014 Which? reliability survey, Toyota and Lexus lived up to their reputations as highly dependable manufacturers.

Taking feedback from the owners of more than 58,000 cars, the mag once again calculated a reliability rating out of 100 per cent for every model and split the rankings of each sector category into cars younger and older than three years.

A range of Toyota and Lexus models ranked among “best cars” in the top five of their respective categories. With 98.8 per cent, the Auris was Toyota’s highest scorer. Notably, no Toyota or Lexus cars featured among the mag’s “worst cars” at the bottom of each ranked sector.

4x4/SUV (3+ years)
3rd: Lexus RX (2003-09) 90.6 per cent: “The RX proved just as dependable as new Japanese 4x4s with average annual maintenance costs of just £50.” 4th: Toyota RAV4 (2006-2013) 87.5 per cent: “Choose petrol if you’re buying a previous generation RAV4 – the breakdown rate and average annual repair costs are less than half.”

Large cars (3+ years)
1st Toyota Avensis (2009-) 97 per cent: “A car with reliability that improves with age, it scores one per cent higher in the older cars’ chart. Airbag problems are the main concern.”

Medium cars (0-3 years)
1st Toyota Auris (2012-) 98.8 per cent: “Only two per cent of petrol and diesel Auris models had faults; none of them were serious, and they cost a paltry average of £3 to fix.” 2nd Auris Hybrid (2010-2012) 97.8 per cent: “Not quite as blemish-free as the standard Auris, but faults are minor and average costs low.” It also topped medium cars older than three years, with 95.8 per cent. “Owners had little to report other than minor issues with the battery, lights and wipers.” 4th Lexus CT 200h (2011-) 97.4 per cent: “Faulty door handle trim has upset a small percentage of owners, but breakdowns are almost non-existent and repair costs low.”

Superminis (0-3 years)
4th Toyota Yaris Hybrid (2012-) 97.9 per cent: “Free car tax (VED), tested fuel economy of 64.2mpg and average annual repair costs of £9 make the Hybrid very cheap to live with.”

(3+ years)
2nd Toyota iQ (2008-2014) 94.6 per cent: “Toyota discontinued its oddball city car this year with no direct replacement. But while the iQ has its faults, it has proved reliable.”

MPVs (0-3 years)
1st Toyota Verso (2009-) 98.5 per cent: “Even the most common faults affect just two per cent of Versos. These minor issues result in average annual repair costs of £11.”

(3+ years)
3rd Toyota Verso (2009-) 88.3 per cent: “Its record for faults, breakdowns and average annual repair costs akin to a newer car will ensure its appeal stays strong.”