10 things you should know about the Toyota Mirai

The Mirai uses an electricity generator to harness power from hydrogen gas.

The only exhaust emission is water.

The car is powered by a 153bhp fuel cell stack…


The car can travel 300 miles on a single tank of hydrogen.

It only takes three minutes to refuel it.

The benchmark 0-62mph sprint takes 9.6 seconds.

The top speed for the fuel cell vehicle is 111mph.


The car is set to be launched in Japan on December 15th and will make its arrival in the UK and other selected European markets in September 2015.

Standard safety equipment includes:
* A pre-collision system
* Lane departure alert
* Drive-start Control- limiting sudden starts or acceleration when making gear shifts
* A blind spot monitor

Standard fittings consist of:
* Heated steering wheel
* 8-way adjustable
* Heated front seats
* High-definition 4.2-inch LED TFT multi-information display
* Fully automatic and independent air conditioning with Nanoe air purification technology