Mercedes-AMG enters a new dawn

By Tom Wilkinson

When you see the letters GT on a rather nice looking sports car you help but think, yeah that sounds powerful. A GT car is designed for comfort, style and speed. One might say like the SLS, it was comfortable, very stylish and jolly fast. It was so much fun to drive too, it stretched your smile so wide you cheek bones would hurt. Sadly however the SLS has been discontinued. But before you shed a tear, take a look at this. It’s the all new Mercedes-AMG GT.

So this GT, what’s all the fuss?

A new era for Mercedes-AMG has dawned with the GT. It is a car which has generated huge excitement among motoring enthusiasts world-wide. The AMG GT is not a replacement for the SLS; it is the dawn of a totally new era for the company. The shape of the car inspired by performance and excitement right from the start, it is terrific to look at let alone drive. It will have brand new 4-litre turbocharged V8 engine kicking out 456 bhp. Opt for the AMG GT-s and you’ll receive a whopping 503 bhp, and 0-62 mph in a mind bending 3.8 seconds. The GT-s weighs just 1,645kg, considerably less that its competitors. The AMG GT comes with double wishbone suspension all-round and a locking differential. The GT and GTs has perfect weight distribution of 47:53, the GT S also receives adaptive dampers, which can be switched through Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus modes using the AMG Dynamic Select system. There is also a new AMG Dynamic Plus package available for the GT S, which includes active engine and transmission mounts, which work independently of each other. “The combination of selectively variable mounts and a transaxle drivetrain is unique,” said Jochen Hermann, Head of Overall Vehicle Engineering at AMG. All this means you’ll be in for a scintillating ride in AMG’s new flagship model.

What does all that really mean?

If you’re not a technical type of person and you look at all this thinking, what on earth does that mean? Fear not. What it means in short is, it’s mighty fast and handles like a blue housefly in your living room. Having seen this car handle on a test track, it is clear it can take corners without any drama immensely fast. The hydraulic rear spoiler gives the rear tyres extra grip as it rises out of the rear bodywork so elegantly, like a dolphin out of the ocean. The AMG GT can be serious and great fun too. Turn off the traction control systems and you’ll be looking out the side window to see where you’re going. It will power slide around corners like a skater on ice. But keep it in check, take it seriously on the track and it will reward you with incredible agility and balance giving the driver ultimate confidence.


Why is the GT so important?

The reason this car has such importance is simple; it’s the new flagship with all new technology. The modern world is becoming greener, we all think much more about our impact on the planet and our own pockets too. The GT is a symbolic statement from AMG; it says clearly that yes the fun and enjoyment can continue in modern times. An AMG with a turbo, not something we would have envisaged a few years ago. The new 4-Litre V8 continues to give the enormous power and thunderous growl of old, but uses less fuel. The whole car is lighter, and looks at its shape, very aerodynamic indeed. This is how AMG will build their cars from now on. Turbochargers coupled with the V8’s, better for the planet and your wallet. Technology moves on so quickly, Mercedes-AMG have moved with it too. Look at the whole AMG line-up today. The A45 for example has another landmark 2 litre turbo engine giving out 355bhp. The CLA and GLA have the same engines. Four-wheel-drive is now becoming more common with AMG, giving more grip and better performance. The GT is a collection of all this new innovative technology working in harmony; it is the flagship AMG model. You’ll see this car in 2015 leading the Formula 1 cars as it will be the Official F1 Safety Car. Mercedes-AMG also won the 2014 Formula 1 Constructors World Championship comfortably.


How much is it and when can I buy one?

The order books are open, and the waiting list is already growing. The AMG GT is proving as hugely popular and has become the new must-have AMG. The first European models will be delivered in the first quarter of 2015 according to Mercedes. Prices are incredibly reasonable, if you order the GT, you’ll be looking at around 90,000 pounds as a basic price. The GTs will be around 105,000 pounds. There will be a ‘launch special’ version available in limited numbers. It looks even more sporty with an aerodynamic package included, featuring a fixed rear spoiler and a carbon fibre roof. It also comes with the ‘night package’, ten-spoke alloy wheels and a beautiful Nappa leather interior. The launch special costs around £116,000. If that’s not hot enough, there is also confirmation from AMG that there will be a ‘Black Series’ version of the GT in the future.

The future of Mercedes-AMG looks absolutely scintillating; the all new GT is the symbol of power, speed and success. For further information on the latest AMG line-up, contact your local retailer on the number below and speak to one of our AMG Specialists today.