It's nearly here... The new R8 launches with V10 power and 601bhp

5.2-litre V10 with a standard seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox available from launch.

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Audi have confirmed the new R8 will initially be launched in V10 and V10 Plus Coupe guise. Powered by a heavily revised version of its naturally aspirated 5.2-litre engine, the V10 produces 532bhp, but the headline act in the initial line-up, is the rapid R8 V10 Plus. It runs a more highly strung version of the same V10 but with the with the same output as in the Lamborghini Huracán, which which it shares a large amount of its underpinnings: 601bhp.This gives the range-topping R8 59bhp and 15lb ft more than its predecessor. Coupled with the lower kerb weight, it also extends the power-to-weight ratio to 413bhp per tonne.

This means a deeply impressive 0-62mph time of just 3.2sec, 0.3sec faster than its predecessor and it will be the fastest-accelerating road car that Audi has placed into series production.

The top speed has also improved, by 8mph, aided in part by a new aerodynamic package that allows the mid-engined coupé to generate 130kg of downforce at its new maximum of 205mph.


The addition of contemporary fuel-saving functions for the first time, including automatic stop-start and a coasting function that idles the engine on extended periods of trailing throttle, is claimed to bring about a double-digit improvement in economy.

At 4444mm, the new model is the same length as the old R8, but it’s 39mm wider, at 1944mm, and height has been reduced by 9mm to 1241mm.