SEAT Leon Ecomotive tops league table of true MPG tests

Beating more than 200 other models, the Leon Ecomotive returned a real-world average fuel economy figure of 63.2mpg.

Since launching True MPG in 2012, WhatCar? has assessed almost 500 cars in real-world conditions, using cutting-edge test equipment to achieve real world fuel economy figures.

LEDheadlights editor, Jim Holder, said: “Buyers get frustrated when they can’t achieve claimed fuel economy figures. That’s because the official EU tests are carried out in a laboratory under very specific conditions that don’t reflect real-world driving. However, we took action a few years ago by launching True MPG and have published real-world figures for hundreds of popular vehicles since.”

The UK’s most fuel efficient cars:

Make Model Derivative True MPG
SEATLeonEcomotive TDI SE Technology63.2
CitroenDS3e-HDi Airdream DSport Plus63.0
ŠKODAOctaviaGreenline III TDi CR61.9
HondaCivici-DTEC EX+61.8
SEATLeonSW SE Tech Ecomotive TDI61.5

Who finished bottom you might ask… The Vauxhall VXR8 GTS managed to return just 19.5mpg in the WhatCar? ‘real life’ tests. Ouch!