Honda launches the New CR-V with integrated advertising campaign;

The Endless Road

Honda has launched the 2015 CR-V with an integrated advertising campaign; The Endless Road. Created by mcgarrybowen London, this is the agency’s third campaign for the Honda CR-V and the direct follow-up to the award winning Honda CR-V Illusions. The campaign aims to promote a variety of engine, design and technology improvements within the 2015 Honda CR-V and showcases these enhancements, visualising Honda’s never ending quest to create their most advanced CR-V yet.

The advertisement employs a hypnotic visual illusion to demonstrate Honda’s endless pursuit of constant improvement. The Honda CR-V is seen chasing a spiralling road that never quite seems to end, moving through a world within a world - all infinitely looped together to mesmeric effect. As the campaign end line states; “The Road to Great is Endless”.

In addition to the main film, Honda has created the world’s first ‘never-ending’ YouTube film - bespoke to the user and seamlessly personalised via real time location data. From launch, the film will always be running, visually reflecting the time of day and weather of the viewer’s particular location.

View it here: