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Our Audi A1 Road Test Review

From showroom to road test - we’ve taken the new Audi A1 out for a road test review. Watch the video below and contact us to book your own road test drive review of the A1.

At the Showroom

Audi Trim and Interiors

So you join us at the Audi lounge, where you can take the time to build your brand new Audi car with our in-built car configurator.

Using the handy touch screen display car configurator, you can simply select the vehicle you want to build, your preferred level of specification, and then move onto personalising your car to your tastes, selecting your preferred exterior colour and interior finish.

Building Your Audi A1

Choosing from the range of interior fabric finishes and dashboard trims displayed on the wall, you can easily decide which kind of interior finish you want to add to your vehicle. To choose which exterior colour you’d like your car to be simply choose one of the colour cards off the wall and scan it into the configurator. Move on to selecting which alloy wheels you want, and then see your completed vehicle on the main screen on the wall.

Audi A1 Alloy Wheel Selection

The great thing about this car configurator is not only does it give you the chance to build your car exactly to your specification at the touch of a button, but it’ll give you a quick code that you can either scan in at home and have another look and adjust you configuration, or you can come back to the showroom at a later date and order your Audi.

Onto the road test

Audi A1 Road Test Review

Back in the day, small cars had to be cheap and cheerful. Well not anymore, not now there’s the Audi A1. Although this Audi is compact, it’s still very much an Audi throughout. Everything about this A1 gives you that feeling your in and driving an Audi, from the fit, quality finish, modern design, through to the ride and handling.

Audi A1 Handling

Taking the Audi A1 out for a spin you get a good feel for how spacious the inside is, making you almost forget your in an A1. Not only that, but you see how sure footed it is. Audi have added some very clever touches to the design to ensure this car has a very premium feel to it, such as the wrap round front bonnet, which is also seen on the Audi TT and on the Audi R8.

It’s the little touches and attention to detail Audi have given the A1 that make it such an aspirational car and take it into the premium super mini league.

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