MirrorLink to make debut on the new SEAT Ibiza

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The 2015 Ibiza will not be just be about the new efficient engine line-up or the extra safety equipment. MirrorLink – a brand new connectivity system that directly reflects certain apps like Spotify, as well as your own music library and maps that you are used to seeing on your smartphone on the car’s central screen will be premièred on the new car.

Combined with a touch screen display it means content can be accessed safely and easily by the driver without ever reaching for their phone and keeping both eyes on the road. If your phone has access to Google maps for example, MirrorLink has just provided you with a build in sat nav system!

MirrorLink has been developed in conjunction with SAMSUNG, with whom SEAT have signed an agreement to develop technological solutions to provide total connectivity for drivers across SEAT’s range of models from 2015.

SAMSUNG will also be supplying SEAT with the software required to develop its own car apps, to be managed from SAMSUNG handsets in the near future.

The vehicles will be equipped with MirrorLink technology and the car Infotainment system linking them to SAMSUNG devices through the apps developed by SEAT

See the MirrorLink in action