Revolutionary Tyre Technology

Continental create tyres that talk to your car

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Continental Tyres develop new technology designed to feed information about your tyres into your car.

The tech is known as eTIS, or electronic Tyre Information System. Integrated into the inner liner of each tyre are sensors which monitor wheel-spin, slip and tyre pressure.

This information is then conveyed via an RF link direct to the car’s computer.

Increased Safety

Currently, tyres are the only part of the car that grips the road, whilst having no input into the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) algorithms. This revolutionary tech would change that, with the tyre feeding information, meaning limits would be detected earlier and the vehicle’s systems could adjust to better maximise the friction and grip potential.

But wait, there’s more

This new technology will also have the ability to relay the loads placed on each tyre, track mileage covered and calculate tyre life by monitoring a tyre’s gradually changing rolling characteristics. eTIS could detect ice and warn other cars via cloud-based internet systems.