Honda Jazz, Civic, HR-V and CR-V lead the way for boot space

As the London Triathlon Show gets underway, main sponsor Honda UK is further underlining its suitability for those with an active and outdoor lifestyle by boasting that four of its car models on sale in the UK have class leading boot space.

The Honda CR-V, HR-V, Civic and Jazz have been put up against numerous comparable models in each of their segments and found to be number one when it comes to load lugging.

With up to 589 litres of space with the seats up and 1,669 litres with the seats down, the Honda CR-V has the largest floor area in its class and was singled out by one national newspaper for its colossal boot space. With the average bath using up just 80 litres of water, the Honda CR-V can hold a massive 20 bath tubs of water in the boot with the seats down. Or the same as almost 42 average air cabin wheelie bags.

The Honda HR-V has 470 litres of usable boot space with the seats up, while the Civic has 477 litres narrowly pipping a French competitor to the post. Indeed, it is that French competitor, in a station wagon guise, that trumps the Civic Tourer; halting Honda’s run of class leading boot space.

The Jazz has 354 litres of boot space, with its next nearest competitor from South Korea trailing by a massive 51 litres.

Renowned for its engineering excellence, Honda’s designers across all four models have managed to share out the extra space through the ingenious tactic of moving the fuel tank. Traditionally positioned in the rear of the car, the fuel tank eats up precious usable space. By placing it in the centre of the car, underneath the rear seats, the designers have significantly expanded the boot capacity.

Philip Crossman, Managing Director of Honda UK commented “It’s not just reliability, performance and trust that we are famed for, our clever design and engineering excellence also puts us ahead of our competitors. And with the average family of tri-athletes having to transport bikes, trainers, swimming kit, towels, running gear, etc – they need all the space they can get.”