Land Rover Series I Reborn

Restored to their former glory.

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An iconic piece of automotive history, the Land Rover Series I was originally designed for farm and light industrial use, but the versatility the I series offered meant it was used for so much more.

Land Rover is now going above and beyond to restore original Series Is, handpicked from across the globe for their authenticity.

Car Zero

After a life well-lived in Queensland, our show vehicle, nicknamed “Car Zero”, has returned to its home in Solihull. Having spent the majority of its life farming acres of land, it understandably fell into disrepair.

But the Series I’s spirit will never rust. We’ve restored “Car Zero” back to its original glory, using all the original techniques, and all the original processes to ensure the Series I’s story is far from over – it’s only just getting started.



Before we begin any work, we take each individual vehicle through an in-depth examination, uncovering exactly what needs to be restored – performing a physical check against the original build specifications.



We strip, refinish and retain as many original parts as possible, renewing them only when absolutely necessary. Reborn aims to continue the Series I’s story, not rewrite it.



We then take a look at the Series I’s interior, stripping back the seats to their bare frames, and re-covering them in the customer’s choice of period material.

Fixings and Finishes

Fixings and Finishes

It’s important to retain each vehicle’s authenticity and character, even in the littlest of details. With this in mind, we ensure all components are refinished to the vehicle’s original cosmetic specification. Once our work has ended, Series I’s next chapter begins…