Makeover Of The Best Selling Lexus, The RX

Dramatic new styling of the Lexus RX

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The new RX, after being shown at the New York International Auto Show this past April, was applauded by the press and public after the fresh new appearance and new bold attitude was brought to Lexus’ best seller.

“We set out to improve the styling of the new RX dramatically, and to do that, we needed to go far beyond the mind-set of the current model. We wanted to build a luxury SUV with a breakthrough look, one that remained true to the RX lineage,”

RX new design

The new RX was styled under the theme: “Seductive Strength,”. The face is highlighted by a spindle grille with a chrome-plated border and triple L-shape-LED headlamps. A daring visual cue is the blacked-out C-pillars, which provides a floating-roof effect never before seen on a Lexus product. Newly designed 20” aluminium wheels, which replace the current model’s 19” wheels, can now be customised with variable colour inserts to emphasize the driver’s individuality.


The RX’s sportier stance is partly the result of its reimagined proportions. The new model is 120mm longer and 10mm wider than its predecessor, riding on a wheelbase extended by 50mm.The RX’s new proportions not only sharpen its appearance, but also improve performance.

The longer wheelbase results in better ride quality and significantly increased cabin room. Inside the RX’s luxurious interior you’re greeted by a tastefully-designed dashboard and repositioned trim pieces. Leather-upholstered seats guarantee that all passengers remain comfortable.

“When we showed a preview of the RX to our dealers around the world, they said, ‘It has changed so much, yet it’s definitely an RX.’ To me, this is the greatest compliment I could ever receive,”

Takayuki Katsuda, the chief engineer of the new RX.

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