Grand old uke of York serenades

New big-days-out film goes on the road

Life on the road is all part of the experience of being in a band, not least for the Grand Old Uke of York ukulele group who have been making great use of a Toyota Verso for their gig transport.

The band have even been inspired to write an original number, Summer Rain, in celebration of their time with the compact-but-roomy seven-seat MPV, featured as the soundtrack for the latest short film in the Toyota Verso Big Days Out series

Toyota Verso Boot

Even though the ukulele is one of the most easily portable instruments around, the Grand Old Uke of York were impressed by Verso’s carrying capacity, with seating inside for seven.

“Getting people to the gigs can be a challenge, so the more people we can get in one vehicle, the better,” says band member Tim Richardson.

“The seating is so clever and easy to use, the person who designed it deserves a medal.”

The Grand Old Uke of York have a packed calendar of gig and festival dates across Yorkshire and beyond. This weekend they will heading south as one of the music attractions at Car Fest South, near Basingstoke, performing on the Wigwam Stage on Sunday.

If you’re interested in the Toyota Verso and would like to find out more, please get in touch.