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With a maximum payload of 5.5 metric tonnes, a larger maximum cargo volume of 18.4 m3 and an excellent variety of drive types and derivatives, the new Crafter offers highly functional solutions for everyday use that meet customer expectations for individual transport tasks in all use areas.

Dr Eckhard Scholz, Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

“The development of the new Crafter was a unique opportunity to avoid all compromises while drawing upon our decades of experience in the market segment. The new Crafter represents a fusion of product focus and customer focus. In other words, we developed this vehicle from the customer’s perspective.”

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Redeveloped from the ground up

The new Crafter features a chassis that has been redeveloped from the ground up with electromechanical steering, engines that are reliable, more fuel-efficient and optimised for both long trips and urban traffic, well thought-out solutions for loading, practical preparations for superstructure manufacturers, an ergonomic driver’s workplace and an exceptional number of driver assistance systems.

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An extremely wide range of derivatives is offered for the new Crafter, including high tonnage versions. As a panel van and Kombi, the new Crafter is available in various lengths (5986 mm, 6836 mm or, for the panel van, 7391 mm as well) and heights (2355 mm, 2590 mm or, for the panel van, 2798 mm as well). On top of that come open variants as single or double cab versions with varying lengths and with or without superstructure solutions, e.g. as a pick-up, with a van body or a tip-up mechanism.

Especially from a practical perspective, the new Crafter impresses with excellent functionality, refined prep for different uses and optimised dimensions: in the front-wheel drive version, it offers a maximum cargo capacity of 18.4 m3 with a permissible gross weight of 3.0 – 4.0 t. The cargo width between wheel arches of 1,380 mm and a maximum cargo compartment length of 4,855 mm give it the best package dimensions of its vehicle class.

Loading the new Crafter is easy thanks to the 1,311 mm opening of the sliding door, a minimal sill height of 570 mm on the front-wheel drive versions and optional 270° opening of the rear doors. The new Crafter offers an ingenious solution for securing loads: the cargo can be secured “from all sides” in the most literal meaning of the words. Anchor tracks in the form of patented airline profiles are integrated on the sidewalls, the partition wall, in the roof and in the floor.

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