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The My Volkswagen app from Volkswagen helps Volkswagen drivers manage the ownership and maintenance of their car.

My Volkswagen is your companion at every stage of the journey, from configuring an order to tracking its progress from the factory.

An existing owner? My Volkswagen means you needn’t find your owner’s manual – it’s all in the app. Nearly missed a service? Not with My Volkswagen’s built-in MOT and service reminders.

You can even approve or defer any additional work our technicians might identify when your Volkswagen’s in for a service, quickly and conveniently via the app.

When it’s time to sell you can even view a convenient service history – it’s all right there in your smartphone or tablet, or simply online on the website.

See the app in action here, in our short video:

My Volkswagen services include

  • Save and store car configurations
  • Access personalised car brochures
  • Track new cars from factory to a Volkswagen UK retailer
  • Book a service and MOT at a Volkswagen UK retailer
  • Approve work on the go through online video reviews
  • Get reminders of car maintenance due
  • Access your car manual
  • View your car service history

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