Fall in Love with Hybrid at Toyota

Ever considered a Hybrid?

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Have you ever considered going Hybrid?

At Listers Toyota we are Hybrid enthusiasts and we would like to take the time to explain to you why millions of drivers in the UK have fallen in love with hybrid.


Toyota’s Hybrid cars have been designed to be as easy to drive as possible. Just push the power button and let the Hybrid system control itself. As all Hybrid cars are automatic as standard, you just slot the gear lever in drive and enjoy seamless power every time.


Our best-selling Hybrid cars feel at home in the town. With two engines working in tandem, riding in our Hybrid cars you’ll enjoy hushed electric power around town as they switch off their engines as often as they can to save you fuel and money.

Low Emissions

The perfect partnership of an electric motor and a petrol engine means our Hybrid emissions start as small as 70g per KM, which is an amazingly low statistic for a family car. When driving in electric EV-mode, you can enjoy driving up to 50km/h without producing any emissions at all!


At Toyota Stratford we have something for everyone, with six different Hybrid models to choose from. Whether you’re a city goer or have a growing family, from the Yaris to the C-HR we’re sure to have a Hybrid answer.