Jaguar Land Rover Charity Channel Swim

We are very proud to announce that Jeremy Hicks is leading a team of 12 to Swim the English Channel for Charity ‘Ben Support For Life’.

The team of 12, led by Jaguar Land Rover’s Managing Director Jeremy Hicks, are aiming to raise a huge £160,000 for the dedicated industry charity. We urge everyone within our business and the industry to get behind them and show this brave team the support they deserve. To make a donation please follow this link: Donate: JLR Channel Swim

Jeremy Hicks “Without JLR’s support, Ben couldn’t continue to provide much-needed services to our colleagues. To support this great cause, the team is taking to the water… The English Channel takes swimmers anything from 7 and 27 hours to complete. As one of the busiest and most hazardous shipping lanes in the world, the Channel will be a cold and choppy challenge. But as a team, and with your support, we’ll make it.”

Here’s a note from each member of the team:

Rachel Thompson  I’ve done quite a bit of open water swimming in the past, but that was before children… this is completely different though. But I’m loving the training - just need to do more of it!

Liisa Janov  Since joining a triathlon club, I can honestly say I enjoy swimming – let’s hope this challenge doesn’t change my view!

Scott Dicken  Swimming has always been my nemesis. It’s baffling that I can run a marathon and yet a few laps in a warm pool seem harder physically and psychologically. The time has come to conquer my nemesis.

Alistair Morgan  I have always thought of myself as a strong swimmer, having once been a regular swimmer and water polo player. But that was all 20 years ago…

John Fossey  I have done a number of open water swims, so for me the Channel challenge was an instant ‘yes!’

Richard Gavan  I swam competitively at school, but learning to swim in open water was something very different.  Coping without a wetsuit will be a real baptism of fire!

Amanda Binner  I was a competitive swimmer from a young age and I dreamed of swimming the Channel since I was 10. I can’t believe I’m in training now for this.

Adrian Wallington  Since signing up in November I have had a weekly swimming coach. I still have a long way to go to be ready and very determined to succeed.

Niall Hooper  Apart from a 5km charity swim and spending time in the pool on holiday I haven’t done much swimming. But Jeremy has convinced me to take part in this challenge.

Chris Clark  I thought I had done it all - from ice climbing to scuba, ski touring to 70.3 triathlons… and then I signed up to this challenge!

Paul Barrett  Despite living less than 15 miles from the Channel I haven’t been swimming in it for the best part of 50 years!  

 Martin Casha  I’ve completed the Great North Run (more than 10 times!) as well as the full New York Marathon. Hopefully should be fit enough for the swim.

Mark Kuzminski  I’ve swam in calm lakes and a warm wetsuit.  Can’t say I’m looking forward to taking on the rough ocean and its sea monsters, armed only with goose fat and a pair of trunks!