The Honda Urban EV. Coming Soon in early 2019.

Our ZERO Hero.

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The Honda Urban EV

This zero-emission, compact and innovative electric car is a modern take on the original Honda Civic and Honda will be opening reservations in early 2019.

Pure Electric

Makoto Iwaki, Honda R&D Executive Creative Director, comments ““Our Urban EV Concept is the true representation of Honda’s. ‘We make it a simple’ design idea, which aims to make cars closer to people’s hearts.”


The typical charge time for pure-electric cars – using a standard home wall socket – is between six and eight hours. Most electric cars can also use rapid charging points that can top up the batteries to 80% capacity in around 30 minutes.



So why go electric? Well, electric cars are cheaper to run for starters. There are also significant tax advantages and some healthy Government grants that you can benefit from too. All-in-all, going green will be saving a lot more than just the environment…it’ll be saving you money.


Some of the lovable features of our Honda Urban EV:

  • Sporty-looking appearance
  • Distinguishing feature of The Honda logo is back-lit in blue (Front and Back)
  • Entry and exit is through the elegant, rear-hinged coach doors
  • Interactive messages displayed between the headlights and tail lights. (Including greetings, charging status and even advice for other drivers on the road)
  • Even wider drivers view
  • The car having a planted, muscular stance

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