Preparing your Honda for its MOT.

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Cars are one of the most complicated things any of us own and they are expected to operate in a variety of conditions. That’s why any car more than three-years-old needs a yearly health check, called an MOT. But do you know how to prepare it for its test?

The garage performing the test will issue you with an MOT test certificate, which will note the date the test was performed and when the next one is due.

Also, the mileage of your car will be recorded. If there are any minor mechanical issues you should know about – such as tyres that will need replacing soon once the tread depth is below the legal requirement – these will be listed as ‘advisories’.

How to check a used car’s MOT status.

Go online and use the’s vehicle enquiry tool to enter the vehicle registration number. Once done, the tool will then tell you if your vehicle has a valid MOT or is registered as being stored off the road (SORN).

Can I drive a car without an MOT?

The only time you’re allowed to drive a car without an MOT is when you’re taking it to the garage where the test has been booked. At any other time, it’s against the law.

What to do if a car fails its MOT?

So long as there is still time remaining on the existing MOT and nothing was judged to be a ‘dangerous’ fault on the vehicle, you can drive home even after an MOT failure. Alternatively, you could leave the car with the garage to have the fault rectified that led to the MOT failure.


General checks before an MOT

  • Make sure the horn works.

  • Ensure the windscreen wiper blades are in good working order.

  • Make sure the windscreen washer system is functioning and has fluid in it.

  • All bulbs for all lights – including the indicators, fog lights and brake lights – should be fully functioning.

  • The headlight lenses should not be cracked or damaged.

  • All seatbelts work correctly and aren’t damaged.


Checking the tyres before an MOT

  • See that the tyres have at least 1.6mm of tread depth across the width of the tyre. If you don’t have a tread depth gauge, you can use a 20p coin or look at the indicators on the tyre. And don’t forget the spare wheel, if it has one.

  • The tyres should be the same type on each axle, rather than odd brands with different tread patterns.

  • Look for bulges or tears in the side wall of each tyre.

Inspecting the windscreen and mirrors before an MOT

  • Look over the windscreen. The area swept by the wipers should have no cracks or chips larger than 10mm across directly in front of the driver.

  • If there is damage outside this area, then it cannot be greater than 40mm in diameter.

  • The wing mirrors and rear-view mirror should be securely fixed and the glass in good condition.

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