The Technology Underpinning the Eighth Generation Golf GTI

Learn more about the class-leading technology in the Mk8 Golf GTI

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The perfect combination of iconic design, breathtaking performance and sheer driving pleasure, all wrapped up in a package of extraordinary practicality. That’s the GTI. A true everyday super-car.

The latest generation offers everything you’ve come to expect, but with more. Advanced connectivity and digital systems combine for a sharper ride, better safety and more customisation that ever before.

As an eight-generation Golf, the award-winning Car2x system will warn of approaching emergency vehicles or hazards, as standard, while optional Travel Assist will steer, accelerate and brake at speeds of up to 130 MPH, where permitted.

Meanwhile, exhilarating performance is always on tap, thanks to the 2.0 turbocharged engine producing 245 PS.


The GTI’s new Vehicle Dynamics Manager plays a key role in optimising its handling, as Karsten Schebsdat, Head of Driving Dynamics, Steering and Control Systems explains: “This higher-level control system centrally coordinates all electromechanical running gear functions,”. “Thanks to the combination of new running gear setup plus front-axle locking differential and Vehicle Dynamics Manager we were able to elevate the Golf GTI’s outstanding overall performance to an even higher level.”

This is even more pronounced when Dynamic Chassis Control - DCC - is specified, which features adjustable dampers and new software to take full advantage of the car’s chassis setup - effectively eliminating under-steer. Sliders allow the driver to select the firmness of the ride to a degree not possible before. You no longer need to choose between composure and comfort.


Golf 8 GTI
Golf 8 GTI seats
Golf 8 GTI badge

“Classic touches permeate the GTI… recalling the tone set back in 1976”


As standard, the new Golf GTI features bright LED headlights, while optional IQ.LIGHT – LED matrix headlights provide the clearest of views at night. The lamp units merge with the radiator grille and the red signature GTI line.

Unique to the latest generation Golf, a slim LED strip extending into the headlight modules can be illuminated along the grill, forming an unmistakable light signature.


  • Classic touches permeate the GTI, such as the new Scalepaper tartan seat fabric (a development of the well known Jacara) and signature red flashes throughout, recalling the tone set back in 1976 with the arrival of the original Golf GTI

  • Also coming to the party is the new Golf’s intuitive Digital Cockpit, featuring a unique GTI instrument layout with a central rev counter

  • As standard, you’ll find a responsive 8.25-inch screen, while a 10-inch Discover Pro system is optional

  • Standard background lighting bathes the interior in a spectrum of 30 colours, while a standard stop/start button pulses until the engine is started


The eighth-generation Golf GTI is due summer 2020. Contact us below to register your interest.